We're here to ​‘bake’ you ​happy!

Discover the magic of custom cookies that ​not only look amazing but taste delicious ​too.

At Angela's Custom Cookies, we turn your ​sweet dreams into reality with our ​handcrafted, beautifully decorated royal ​icing cookies.

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Spread a little joy with a ​custom gift set!

A custom set can make a great gift! You don't need a full dozen for a party? Our cookie ​gifts and dessert sets are perfect for many occasions!

Angela’s Custom Cookies combines flavor with purpose, understanding that food is not ​just nourishment but an experience in itself. Personalized closing gifts add an extra ​touch of sweetness to every sale! Or even add some pop-by creations for your favorite ​clients.

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Strawberry Cupcakes
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Cu​stom Cupcakes

Custom cupcakes, made fresh ​from premium ingredients, offer a ​personalized and delectable treat ​for any celebration. Each cupcake ​is a masterpiece, featuring moist ​cake and rich, creamy frosting, ​tailored to your unique taste and ​theme, making every bite a ​delightful experience.

De​ssert Shooters

Dessert shooters, like Pudding ​Parfaits, are delightful miniature ​treats that pack layers of rich ​flavors and textures into a small, ​elegant serving. Perfect for any ​occasion, these bite-sized ​desserts combine creamy ​puddings, crunchy toppings, and ​fresh fruit to create a visually ​stunning and irresistibly delicious ​indulgence.

Dessert bar

Dessert B​ar

A dessert bar, guaranteed to ​satisfy every sweet craving, offers ​a variety of indulgent options for ​any event. From rich cakes and ​decadent brownies to fresh fruit ​tarts and creamy mousse cups, ​each treat is crafted to perfection, ​ensuring a delightful experience ​for all guests.

"Find something you're passionate about and keep ​tremendously interested in it." - Julia Child

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Meet Angela, the Heart Behind the Cookies

My journey began at a young age, sparked by a love for ​baking. In the fall of 2019, while facing a breast cancer ​diagnosis, I found solace and joy in decorating cookies. The ​therapeutic nature of baking helped me through tough times, ​bringing mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

When COVID hit, my hobby turned into a business, spreading ​joy throughout my neighborhood. Today, Angela's Custom ​Cookies is known for both stunning designs and delectable ​flavors. Each cookie is a work of art, crafted with love and ​dedication.

To read more about my breast cancer journey, please visit ​The Angela Motley Effect.

Custom Cookie ​Workshops

how does it work?

Join us for a delightful and creative experience at one of our ​custom cookie workshops! Each workshop is tailored to your ​unique theme—whether it's a tropical vibe, a fun-filled Ladies ​Night, or a magical Unicorn-themed birthday party. Anything ​is possible when you schedule your own workshop!

Every attendee receives their own set of cookies to decorate ​and take home, with detailed instructions provided for each ​intricate design. All supplies are included, and we take care of ​the cleanup, so you can focus on having fun and unleashing ​your inner artist.

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Cookies for a Cause

fundraiser options now available!

Looking to support a good cause while having a sweet time? ​Ask about our "Cookies For a Cause" fundraiser option!

These special workshops allow you to enjoy the same ​fantastic cookie-decorating experience while raising funds for ​a cause close to your heart. It's a perfect way to bring people ​together, create beautiful cookies, and make a positive ​impact in your community.

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